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Welcome to World-Hops! I’m the founder James Crawford. Why the name Worldhops? H.O.P. is an acronym for house of prayer. World-hops is called to build houses of prayer all over the world.  This webpage is the mother-ship of all our ministries, websites and pages. We are not building our ministry but following the prophetic mandates and invitations we have received by the Lord over the last decade. So if you get lost as you surf around, just come back here (www.world-hops.com) and start over!

You can access all things World-Hops from this page. Including our new Camp Goshen Prayer Center and Homeless Shelter, SpiritU discipleship school, Waverunner recording studio and Sonsplasht record label. As well as my personal site jamescrawford.org and our “Unite Abide Divide!” website.

You will also find our various ministries, materials, events schedule and more. World-hops exists to establish houses of prayer in all nations!

“World-Hops Directory and Site-map”

Note: This is a new site that is under construction. To enquire about any of our listed services click above on the “Contact Us” menu tab.


  • New! “Camp Goshen Prayer Center and Homeless Shelter”
    Our prayer center and homeless shelter in De Kalb Texas is open! Come join us for daily services, monthly unity revivals, send us the orphans, homeless, addicted and mentally ill, or come retreat in one of our lodges. Go to www.campgoshen.org to visit site.
  • “SpiritU”(Spirit University) On a daily basis we are training hungry believers to hear the Lord prophetically for themselves, to do the will of the Lord as they hear, to live happy lives in the body of Christ and to follow after purity and righteousness. In the process people are fulfilling their prophetic destiny, getting healed and delivered, being prepared for the end-time shakings that are upon us and learning to pray above all else.Click here to visit Spirit University’s webpage.(Call Pastor James’ cell or email us if interested.) (318) 655-2297
  • New! Waverunner Records Our music studio will record your music locally or via the internet as you upload a demo onto our site server. We have the musicians, singers and arrangers to give your music that special touch. For music mix samples click on this link. http://www.waverunner-records.world-hops.com/ 
  • “Store and Free Stuff” We are currently publishing prophetic worship, prophetic messages, DVD’s, music videos, newsletters and e-books. If you want to purchase any of these materials click on the “Store” tab above. To listen to free stuff click above on “Free Stuff.”
  • “Unite Abide Divide!” God is uniting His bride in the spirit of prayer, fasting, uncommon unity and tender mercy. Satan is also uniting his one-world harlot religion and money system. By prophecy we are imparting this truth and exposing this harlot. Click on “Unite Abide Divide!” in the menu bar above.
  • “International Apostolic Covering” We are commissioned by prophecy to prophetically recognize, encourage, ordain and serve God’s called-out end-time 5-fold ministers. The Lord once told me that if I would be more of a prophetic servant than a boss, I would be recognized as a greater Apostle than His bosses. I do not try to rule another man’s destiny; I prophetically impart, recognize, bless, speak life to their prophetic vision and let them walk out their destiny day by day. Then I help them when they call on me. Where the Spirit is there is liberty. If you want more info click above on the “Contact Us” menu tab.
  • “America’s Blueprint” We are one of the 5-fold ministries commissioned to speak prophetically to America. Access the “America’s Blueprint” page from the menu tab above.
  • “Prophetic Words For All 50 States” The Lord recently commissioned me to seek Him for prophetic revelation about all 50 states. This is a work in progress. More info coming soon.
  • “Father’s Family Restoration” This ministry offers prophetic counseling, inner healing, deliverance and destiny impartation; along with audio teachings and conference speaking to the body of Christ. God is now restoring God’s Kingdom Father’s way; with a gentle, nurturing touch. To know more hover over the “Ministries” tab above, then click on “Father’s Family Restoration”.
  • “Establishing God’s End-time Church of Martyrdom” We are entering the Book of Revelation and we are one of many forerunner ministries who are equipping and preparing God’s people for the great revival and terrible judgments that are now being poured out on the nations.
  • “Forerunner Family Fellowship” We are commissioned to plant local churches and house churches wherever we can. If you read it in the Book of Acts you will find it in our FFF assemblies. If you want us to plant one in your city or house click above on the “Contact Us” menu tab and make your request known. You do not have to be a minister to help us plant a thriving church in your city.
  • “World-Hops Outreach Ministry” One of our primary areas of ministry is our homeless outreach and ministry to the shut-ins. If you want to donate to this cause click above on the “Donate” menu tab.
  • “All Things Politics” The Lord once told me to write a book entitled, “I Know It All About Every Politician.” In light of the coming elections this is one of my current ‘hot topics.’ This is a work in progress but you can contact me for more info.
  • “We Impart Spiritual Gifts” The Apostle Paul told the church in Rome, “I long to see you so I can impart some spiritual gift.” (Rom. 1:11) I am mantled with a similar anointing; to impart the gift of prophecy, miracles, healing, deliverance, prophetic worship, Father’s inner healing and unity. To receive your impartation you may invite our team to visit your ministry or you can visit ours. This webpage is a work in progress but you can contact me for more info.
  • “Revolution Newsletter” Our monthly newsletter prophetically reports the news about our world and the body of Christ. To join our mailing list click above on the “Contact Us” menu tab and make your request known.
  • “Healing and Deliverance Center” We are a home for people who need brotherly kindness, prophetic direction, supernatural healing, miracles and deliverance. If you need fellowship or a touch from God contacts us a.s.a.p.

     More coming soon…